Pocket Inc, Duh!

Exclusively built Company for the super awesome developers and super lazy designers like us who aspire to learn everyday and bring their super cool ideas to life

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We are Pocket Inc from Coimbatore, India

A team of Software Developer wizards as well as a bunch of Daydreamers who work on the Graveyard Shift and Sleep all the day long!

We usually build crazy pointless ideas for ourselves like the ones we have built and the one we are currently building...

But, When it comes to Work.. Between you and us, we are neither Pointless nor a Corporation. We love building products for our Awesome Clients.

Stuff we are Good at:
  • Web Development
  • Android
  • Desktop Application
  • Afteloud Services
  • Photoshop
Mamun Srizon

This is what Pocket Inc can do for you

Website Development

Looking for someone to build an awesome website or having a project idea that needs a creative injection? That's were we come in. Get in touch with our spiders, Oh Web Developers. You see what we did there? Hehe

Android Appplication

There are people who survive without food but have you seen one without a Mobile Phone? Rare are those species. Get in touch to take your business to the next level & connect with the millions of anti-social social bees with your app

Cloud Services

That's right we own the Clouds, a fluffy duffy cloud that stuffs your data and pours rain securely onto your company's roof. That's how our cloud works, duh. Get in touch with us to set up your dedicated cloud service

Desktop Application

Are you someone who uses Desktop for everything? Be it an excel sheet entree work or to check a everyday reminder to bathe & floss? You have come to the right place. Get in touch to build one for you or for your organisation

Unique Icons

With a competitor blooming every single day at every corner of the street, go unique with your Logo and the Icons you use for your software. Get in touch with our digital artists and designers who can paint your imagination

Services & More

Tickets! Queries! Complaints! Tired of sending endless E-mails & waiting for an automated acknowledgement? Well, not to brag but it's our first & foremost duty to keep things running smoothly. WE ARE THE BEST IN THE MARKET so...

This is what We love to listen

Have we told you about our awesome clients? Read what they talk about us.


"Information architecture and user experience design is a complicated field but the knack you guys have to balance both is amazing. The way you communicate and the ways you make sure we are happy with the software are incredible."

Sanil Kumar

Co-Founder, White Parrot


"I really do feel that you have our best interests at heart and really try your best to suggest most effective solutions at a fair price. Responsiveness at Pocket Inc is outstanding. I am afraid we are too spoiled to change."


Director, Success Management (Idea Telecomm) Services